Minter Network’s First Algocoin

@MinterBITBot that’s been rolled out today is an alpha version of a sidechain service developed for Minter 2 by an independent blockchain team. In early summer already, you’ll be able to exchange BIP for Bitcoin, Ether, and Atom via atomic smart contracts similar to Uniswap. There’ll be a lot of liquidity, and it will all be automated.
Sidechains and smart contracts are the future of interaction between all market players with maximum execution guarantees.
Tests will be run with 25,000 USDT and 25,000 BIT in reserves.
According to our information, this marks the fourth project moving full-steam ahead towards connecting Minter and other blockchains through a single MinterAPI. If you’re currently working on such a product, get in touch with @seo2z should you need any help—right now, decentralized liquidity is our top priority.
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[H]A 24/7 TF2 Key Bitcoin Exchange Bot [W]BTC/TF2Keys/Feedback

Hello all!

I've relaunched and rebranded my bitcoin network:; I originally started BitcoinKeys in 2016, a CSGO Key Bitcoin exchange bot. It continued operations until it was shut down in 2017. With the launch of the TF2 key exchange bot there is also the launch of a Dota 2 exchange bot.

The TF2 bot can be found here:
The bot is currently buying keys at $1.51 and selling keys at $1.57
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